Rights to parent

Archbishop Hickey has made an emotive call that people ‘not be seduced by the lie that any form of relationship is suitable for children’. His comments are said to be based on a report commissioned by the Australian Christian Lobby.  Clearly the findings of such a report cannot be regarded as independent. I prefer to rely on sources such as the Ethics Committee of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, which found that ‘There is no persuasive evidence that children raised by single parents or by gays and lesbians are harmed or disadvantaged by that fact alone’.

There is plenty of evidence that demonstrates that the sexual orientation of parents does not appear to be a determinant of the success of a child’s development. The relevant factor is ‘good’ parenting rather than ‘single’, ‘father’ or ‘mother’ parenting. Read more »

Opening Closets Training

Mar 16 2012 09:00


• Increase your knowledge of the needs of people with diverse sexuality, sex and/or gender
• Provide models and frameworks for understanding sexuality and gender
• Promote your service as a gay-friendly environment for staff and clients
• Explain your obligations under the revised Equal Opportunity legislation
• Provide strategies for better supporting clients Read more »

Have your say and help prevent suicide in our community

Jan 31 2012 18:00

Community Consultation Event

January 31, 6pm - 9pm, City West Lotteries House

Gay and Lesbian Community Services need your ideas and input in shaping the WA LGBTI Suicide Prevention Community Action Plan. Come to the consultation, have your say and also hear the recent findings and future directions of the MindOUT National LGBTI Mental Health & Suicide Prevention project. Read more »

The West earns a default over Margaret Court Article

Margaret Court and The West Australian newspaper should refrain from using her sports fame to spread intolerance, Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren said today as activists prepared to protest Ms Court’s views, published prominently in newspapers, at the Australian Tennis Open next week.

“Aside from rejecting Ms Court’s views on homosexuality I find it distasteful that her sporting achievements apparently enable her to splash extremist views over the front page of a daily newspaper.”

“It’s fair to say Australians see the separation of sport from politics as equally important as the separation of church and state.   Being a top sportsperson doesn’t grant you expertise on matters of social justice and equality.” Read more »

Abbott’s decision on conscience vote betrays Liberals’ belief in individual choice

Tony Abbott’s decision to rule out a conscience vote for Coalition members on marriage equality again demonstrates he’s out of touch with what most Australians want, the Australian Greens said today.

"The time for legislating for marriage equality is now, no matter which side of politics you are on," said Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren. "I'm delighted that polls show strong support for Liberals to exercise their conscience to vote on the marriage equality bills coming up in federal Parliament."

“Numerous surveys show Australians want their MPs to have a conscience vote on same-sex marriages,” Greens’ marriage equality spokesperson, Sen. Sarah Hanson-Young, said today. Read more »

Greens to seize momentum on marriage equality

The Australian Greens have announced today they will reintroduce their marriage equality bill into both houses of parliament when sittings resume in early 2012.

"The ALP federal policy shift creates new opportunities to lift the heavy weight of discrimination, but there is still much work to be done," said Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren.

Seizing on the momentum of the ALP's decision on marriage equality, Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young invited both Labor and Liberal members to co-sign her bill. Read more »

It’s time for marriage equality

On the eve of the ALP National Conference, Hon Lynn MacLaren MLC, the Greens spokesperson for sexuality will give a member’s statement in State Parliament calling upon the Federal Parliament to amend the Commonwealth Marriage Act 1961 to provide for marriage equality. The State Parliaments of Tasmania and the ACT have supported Greens motions calling for this and debate will continue in the State Parliaments of South Australia and Victoria early in the new year. Read more »

Marriage equality

Extract from Hansard
[COUNCIL — Thursday, 1 December 2011]
Hon Lynn MacLaren


Statement Read more »

Transgender community

Extract from Hansard
[COUNCIL — Tuesday, 22 November 2011]
Hon Lynn MacLaren; Hon Helen Morton


1041. Hon LYNN MacLAREN to the Minister for Mental Health: Read more »

Suicide prevention programs - LGBTI communities

Extract from Hansard
[COUNCIL — Thursday, 10 November 2011]


4698. Hon Lynn MacLaren to the Minister for Mental Health Read more »