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Greens oppose extension of mandatory sentencing laws

Mandatory sentencing is a failed policy that does not reduce crime, says Greens WA MLC Lynn MacLaren, as debate continues in the Upper House on the Criminal Law Amendment (Home Burglary and Other Offences) Bill 2014.

“It is apparent that the Greens are the only Parliamentary voices of dissent to the Government’s plan to extend mandatory sentencing,” Ms MacLaren said.

“Be that as it may, the Greens will continue to speak out to represent our constituents and the growing body of people who see mandatory sentencing for what it is – a cynical vote-grabbing exercise.

“On the matter of mandatory sentencing the Barnett Government is long on rhetoric and short on facts. Read more »

Greens table petition - call for reduction of number of women on remand

Today Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren tabled a petition in the Upper House calling for a halt to the creation of a women’s remand facility in Hakea in favour of measures to ensure a reduction in the number of women on remand.

The petition, from the Bandyup Action Group, contained almost 400 signatures calling for the State Government to halt the conversion of Hakea men’s facility into a remand facility for women and instead use the more than $20 million allocated for this to fund bail and legal services for women, in order to reduce the number of women on remand.

Ms MacLaren said she was concerned about the safety of women in Bandyup and the high rate of women imprisoned while waiting for trial. Read more »

Greens welcome action plan on domestic violence - call for better monitoring

The Action Plan released this morning by the State Government to address the issue of domestic violence in WA is commendable but lacks clear direction on how actions will be measured and monitored, says Greens Spokesperson Lynn MacLaren MLC.

“The plan Freedom From Fear: working towards the elimination of family and domestic violence in WA, outlines 20 important actions to be undertaken but doesn’t provide specific details on how success will be measured and monitoring or which agencies will be responsible for each action” Ms MacLaren said.

“This Action Plan is addressing a critically important issue within our state, and the public needs to be able to clearly see that the Government is achieving outcomes.

“Without clear signposts or check points evaluating progress of the action plan, how can we be sure that we are on track to reduced and eliminating domestic violence in the state. Read more »

WA Greens condemn offensive Royal Show exhibit

Media statement, Thursday 25, September 2014.

Western Australian Greens at the State and Federal level have condemned a Royal Perth Show exhibition which encourages participants to poke sticks at mental health patients and stigmatises people with mental health issues.

“Is it disappointing to see the Royal Show has launched a Haunted House that undeniably stigmatises mental health. The article ‘Haunted House not for the faint-hearted’ uses phrases like ‘asylum’ and ‘crazy’ to promote the ‘exhibition’,” Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren said today.

“This State is better than using the archaic stereotypes of a minority group as a tourist attraction. Readers that are struggling with mental health issues may feel targeted and subsequently may suffer. Read more »

Greens release plan for solar panels on every public housing home

The Greens have unveiled a $68 million plan to slash the power bills of some of the state’s poorest families and pensioners while cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 74,000 tonnes a year.

The plan would see 1.5kW solar systems installed on the roofs of every public and community housing dwelling across the state.
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Greens Label Taxi Fee Legalised Extortion

The Greens have slammed Transport Minister Troy Buswell's approval of a $9 "turn up on time" taxi fee as nothing more than legalised extortion.

Greens transport spokesperson, Lynn MacLaren said the fees were outrageous and showed just how out of touch the Minister was.

“The extra fee approved by the Minister is legalised extortion,” Ms MacLaren said.
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Community Services - Greens (WA) Policy 2012

The Greens (WA) believe that: Read more »

Public Housing — Financial Hardship for Western Australian Seniors

Extract from Hansard [COUNCIL —Wednesday, 14 November 2012] p8496a-8496a Hon Sue Ellery; Hon Lynn MacLaren; Hon Ed Dermer

Public Housing — Financial Hardship for Western Australian Seniors

HON SUE ELLERY (South Metropolitan — Leader of the Opposition) [2.45 pm]: I move — Read more »

Housing Crisis Committee For CaLD Communities

Extract from Hansard [COUNCIL —Thursday, 8 November 2012] p8178a-8178a Hon Lynn MacLaren
Housing Crisis Committee For CaLD Communities
Statement Read more »

Fremantle Housing Should Be Made Available

The latest public housing waiting list figures come as no surprise to Greens housing spokesperson Lynn MacLaren MLC who blamed deepening cuts in the social housing budget.
“There has been a downward trend in total appropriations for the Department of Housing. For the fiscal year 2014-15, the budget falls to an alarming $60 million. When this government was elected, $391 million was allocated for Housing. Currently, they’ve earmarked under half that at $164 million.
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