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Barnett spooked by Court ruling he must follow Government policy

Lynn and Cottesloe Resident oppose Roe 8In response to today’s announcement on Roe 8 Hon Lynn MacLaren MLC asked, “The Chief Justice ruled they have to refer to their own policies, why keep going back to court? Why not just follow government policy?”

“They will waste even more taxpayer money to prop up an already failed project by appealing a Supreme Court ruling on the Roe 8 decision,” the Greens WA transport spokeswoman said.

“It’s not surprising that the Minister for the Environment announced a new EPA Assessment for the Roe Highway stage 8 extension since that seems to be the only transport plan, discredited as it is, that the Barnett Government have.” Read more »

Government must take action after fish kill; can’t blame Nature

Save Our Sound Greens Member for South Metropolitan Lynn MacLaren MLC says the Government must announce new measures to protect Cockburn Sound’s marine life from devastating fish kills.

 Speaking the day before she will attend a public rally in Rockingham which is calling for action on the fish kill, Ms MacLaren said:

 “It is not good enough for the Barnett Government to pass the buck onto Nature; I don’t think anyone is convinced by that.

 “We all know that when oxygen levels are so low in the Sound that fish are dying and there is an algal bloom it means that the water body in question is sick.

 “Where is the Government’s full report on the kill so that we can see what steps government agencies took and what evidence there is to support the government’s conclusion?

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Snap Protest in Response to Federal OK for Roe 8

Greens Member for South Metropolitan Lynn MacLaren MLC says the large turnout that mobilised at the Beeliar Wetlands this morning  in a rapid response to last night’s Federal environmental approval of Roe 8 highlights the significant community opposition to the Freight Link and the preparedness of the community to make this issue the Franklin Dam of our time.

“The community have indicated they are prepared to draw a line in the sand to save the Beeliar wetlands,” Ms MacLaren said.

“The powerful commitment the people of Perth have to protecting the area displayed this morning signals that this will be Franklin Dam issue of our time.” Read more »

Advertising spend for Perth Freight Link to top $177,000

Hot on the heels of news that the Barnett Government has allocated more than $250,000 on public relations consultants to promote the unpopular Perth Freight Link, Greens’ inquiries have revealed the Government will spend another $17Read more »

Government to destroy ice-age artefacts forever with Roe 8

Ice-age Aboriginal artefacts older than the pyramids are likely be destroyed as a result of a highly flawed assessment by the Barnett Government of a registered site in the Beeliar Wetlands, Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren says.

“Probing by the Greens has revealed that there is an Aboriginal heritage site on the northern banks of Bibra Lake that has previously been found  to contain more than 2000 quartz, fossiliferous chert, clay and glass artefacts and is likely to contain more artefacts below the surface,” Ms MacLaren said. Read more »

Greens call for construction halt in fight to save Bassendean school oval

A community fight to save part of Bassendean Primary School oval from being turned into a car park will be supported in Parliament today by Greens Member for South Metropolitan Region Lynn MacLaren MLC.  

Ms McLaren will call for an immediate halt on construction of the car park during Parliamentary question time this afternoon, until a traffic management study can consider alternatives to the loss of green space. 

“There is a huge body of peer-reviewed research to show that green spaces, including nature playgrounds, parks and ovals, are beneficial to children’s development including mental and physical health and that children need more of it,” Ms MacLaren said.  Read more »

Premier shows his true colours to Fremantle

Premier Barnett’s attack in Parliament on the City of Fremantle this week is a transparent attempt to shift blame for his own intention to break a promise to move the Department of Housing to central Fremantle, Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren says.

“The Premier is wiping his hands of the people of Fremantle; his actions this week show he no longer cares about the future of Fremantle or the people that live here,” Ms MacLaren said.

“The Premier is attempting to blackmail the City of Fremantle by saying he won’t deliver on the Government’s promise to move the Department of Housing to Fremantle because the City of Fremantle has dared to criticise the Perth Freight Link.

“Of course Fremantle and every other affected local government should be researching and opposing the Perth Freight Link – it is a $1.6 billion taxpayer-funded project for which there is no public business case that will rip apart the southern suburbs.

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Liberals move to disallow Fremantle plastic bag ban

Lynn MacLarenLiberal MLC Hon Peter Katsambanis today moved to disallow the City of Fremantle regulations to ban plastic bags, said Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren.

“The motion aimed to initiate a local law which would ban retailers from providing shoppers with single-use, non-biodegradable plastic bags,” Ms MacLaren said.

“This evidence-based policy has been strongly supported by businesses and the community in Fremantle as it aimed to reduce the overall amount of plastic bags used.”

“Single-use plastic bags can take hundreds of years to break down in landfill and, even worse, often end up polluting out natural environment and becoming a major threat to wildlife.” Read more »

Greens Alarmed at South Metro Council Amalgamations

Greens WA South Metropolitan MLC Lynn MacLaren joined spokesperson on Local Government, Robin Chapple MLC today in expressing concern over the shambolic process surrounding the leaking of the Barnett government’s push for metropolitan council amalgamation.

“Forced amalgamations are yet another grab for power and control at the expense of community participation and local decision making,” said planning spokesperson Lynn MacLaren MLC. Read more »

Winter Wetlands Fiesta

Join Lynn at the Save Beeliar Wetlands Winter Wetland Fiesta, Saturday July 27 at 6pm at the Hilton Bowling Club, Shepherd Street Hilton.

Warm the cockles of your heart in an evening of celebration of our wonderful Beeliar Wetlands with bands, dj’s, poetry, raffles, soup, cake and chai. Bands include Sugar Child, The Damsel Flies West, Isabella Jennings and Isabella’ Garden, the Kiss List, and Lady Luck, with Beats from DJ Checkers. Read more »