Barnett spooked by Court ruling he must follow Government policy

Lynn and Cottesloe Resident oppose Roe 8In response to today’s announcement on Roe 8 Hon Lynn MacLaren MLC asked, “The Chief Justice ruled they have to refer to their own policies, why keep going back to court? Why not just follow government policy?”

“They will waste even more taxpayer money to prop up an already failed project by appealing a Supreme Court ruling on the Roe 8 decision,” the Greens WA transport spokeswoman said.

“It’s not surprising that the Minister for the Environment announced a new EPA Assessment for the Roe Highway stage 8 extension since that seems to be the only transport plan, discredited as it is, that the Barnett Government have.” Read more »

Damning report confirms State Government’s cycling strategy full of roadbumps and potholes, say Greens

The State Government’s failure to adequately fund and plan WA’s cycling infrastructure was today in the hot seat with the release of the WA Auditor Read more »

Advertising spend for Perth Freight Link to top $177,000

Hot on the heels of news that the Barnett Government has allocated more than $250,000 on public relations consultants to promote the unpopular Perth Freight Link, Greens’ inquiries have revealed the Government will spend another $17Read more »

State Government steering the wrong way with Perth Freight Link

The State Government is steering the wrong way by moving onto the next stage of the Perth Freight Link project, Greens Transport Spokesperson Lynn MacLaren MLC says.

“Rather than solving the long-term freight problems in Perth, the Minister seems hell bent on creating a confrontation in our southern suburbs the like of which this city has never seen,” Ms MacLaren said.

”A recent report from Peter Newman and research fellow Cole Hendrigan from Curtin University Sustainability Policy (CUSP) Institute has already described the proposed project as a waste of taxpayers’ money, with the money being better spent on road and rail connections to a new container port.  

“As this government faces its worst economic crisis, instead of rethinking the Perth Freight Link, it continues it plans to plough scarce dollars into expensive road-building. Read more »

Transport Minister blank on bus plan details

Media release Wednesday 11 March 2015

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren MLC says the Transport Minister has a lot to learn about public transport if he thinks that a rapid bus transit system could provide “like-for-like” benefits as light rail, as he told Perth radio station 6PR this week.

“A good place for the Minster to start reading if he wants to understand why rapid buses don’t deliver the same benefits as light rail would be his own Government’s “Why Light Rail for Perth?” plan released two years ago; the report is readily available on the Government’s self-promotion website ‘Get the Bigger Picture’,” Ms MacLaren said. Read more »

Community to be thanked for forcing Government’s late night train backflip

Greens WA Transport Spokesperson Lynn MacLaren MLC has welcomed the Government’s backflip on a decision to cancel Perth’s late night train service but it says it calls into question how the Government is making decisions.

“Good governance is fundamentally about good decision-making and that doesn’t happen when decisions are made unilaterally, without consultation and on false information,” Ms MacLaren said.

“The Greens congratulate the community for forcing the Government’s hand and making it reconsider its decision and the evidence on which it was based.

“The Western Australian public have had to do the same before, such as with solar panels and shark culling, and they will do it again each time the Government ignores common sense and facts. Read more »

Perth must not fall behind other capitals in late night services

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren says the State Government must assess impacts on hospital emergency departments before proceeding with a plan to cancel Perth’s late night train services.

Ms MacLaren made the call after the Government confirmed in Parliament this afternoon that Perth would join Darwin, Canberra and Hobart as the only Australian capitals without regular late night train or bus services if the planned cancellation went ahead.

“Even Adelaide, with a smaller population than Perth, provides a midnight to 5am bus service on Saturday nights to get people safely out of the city,” Ms MacLaren said.

“In 2009, Premier Barnett announced the 2.15am train service as part of a package to improve community safety in Northbridge.

“He revealed at the time that Friday and Saturday nights between midnight and 5am were the busiest times for the Emergency Department at Royal Perth Hospital, with up to a half of presentations being alcohol-related, at a cost of $540 per admission. Read more »

Greens MLC congratulates commitment to a meter matters by South Australia

Media statement, Friday, 23 January 2014

In response to today’s news that the South Australian Government will become the third jurisdiction to commit to trialling a minimum distance of one metre for drivers overtaking a cyclist Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren says the Barnett Government should not delay introducing a metre matters trial.  The SA decision comes in response to recommendations handed down to by the South Australian Citizens’ Jury.
Read more »

Compulsory Third Party insurance scheme

Our Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance scheme has been in place in WA since 1947 and provides cover for drivers/owners of registered motor vehicles for personal injuries they may cause to other people as a result of a motor vehicle accident.

The CTP scheme is an 'at-fault' scheme where you must assert fault against a driver of a WA registered vehicle in order to make a successful insurance claim. Vehicle passengers, pedestrians and cyclists can also claim against an at-fault driver to obtain compensation for their injuries from motor vehicle accidents.

Lynn MacLaren MLC, as the Greens WA spokesperson on health, transport and road safety, made the following submission to the Insurance Council of WA on the proposed changes, calling for a more equitable application of the scheme.  Read more »

Environment Minister Dismisses Community over Beeliar Wetlands

The Greens are standing firm in their intention to save the Beeliar wetlands from the destructive Roe Highway stage 8 extension, said South Metro Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren upon hearing that the controversial road was given conditional environmental approval by Minister Albert Jacobs.

“The Environment Minister has short-shrifted the public through dismissing community appeals against the Roe 8 highway,” she said.

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