Changing things one bite at a time

Recently Lynn attended an informative presentation called “Food Inc and our Food Future” given by Michelle Denise and Geoff Bebb at the South Perth Learning Centre. 

Michelle and Geoff are passionate about spreading an awareness of what is happening to food and agricultural practices in this country.   

They are also keen to impart practical ways of promoting healthy, ethical food choices.  Participants at the presentation left with a “What you can do list”.   

Armed with this knowledge we can all work together to shape the food future of the next generation as well as maintain our own health and safety.

Michelle and Geoff are holding two more talks at the South Perth Learning Centre next term:

  • Our Food Security on Tuesday November 9 2010; and
  • GM and our Food Future on Tuesday December 7

Please contact the South Perth Learning Centre to confirm dates at or phone 9368 1936