City of South Perth seeking feedback on its Draft Local Housing Strategy

The City of South Perth is currently seeking feedback on its Draft Local Housing Strategy. This is intended to address and plan for the projected growth of the City’s increasing population in innovative and sustainable ways.Public submissions close on 31st January 2012. Find out more.



Key components being considered include:

  • Investigate increased densities around locations of diverse land uses serviced by high frequency public transport
  • Facilitate residential development in close proximity to public transport, as well as changing the focus on car parking requirements in these locations
  • Deliver affordable housing options for low-moderate income earners in activity centres
  • Broaden the style of housing available in the City to accommodate a diverse and growing population
  • Encourage redevelopment as a tool to achieve high quality built outcomes and improved access to developments
  • Simplify residential densities across the City
  • Review dual density codings in regulating residential development
  • Facilitate sustainable residential development

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