Climate change strategy - Funding: Questions

964. Hon Lynn MacLaren to the Minister for Mental Health representing the Minister for Environment:

(1) Other than the Western Australian Weather and Climate Program, which has not been funded, has any funding been allocated under the strategy Adapting to Our Changing Climate, to assist the State to prepare for the impacts of climate change?
(2) If yes to (1), will the Minister please provide details of programs and allocated funding?
(3) Have any specific adaption measures (e.g. legislative reforms, incentive schemes or policies) been implemented as part of the strategy, Adapting to Our Changing Climate?
(4) If yes to (3), will the Minister please provide details?
(5) Has any funding been allocated by the State Government for:
(a) the development of heatwave plans;
(b) the evaluation of escalating bushfire risks;
(c) measures to mitigate risks from sea level rise;
(d) research to deliver new crop varieties suited to hotter, drier climates; and
(e) programs to protect the international “biodiversity hotspot” in the South West of the State?
(6) If yes to any part of (5), please provide details of each?
(7) If no to any part of (5), why not?

Hon Helen Morton replied:

(1)–(4) Western Australia’s climate change strategy, Adapting to our changing climate is a high level strategic policy document used to guide state government agencies. Adaptation measures implemented by state agencies should be consistent with the actions and approaches outlined in the strategy.
(5) (a) This question should be referred to the Minister for Health.
(b) This question should be referred to the Minister for Emergency Services.
(c) This question should be referred to the Minister for Planning and the Minister for Transport.
(d) This question should be referred to the Minister for Agriculture.
(e) Yes.
(6) (b) The Department of Parks and Wildlife implements an ongoing fire management program in which it maintains comprehensive fuel load records for lands that it has management responsibility for.
(e) The Department of Parks and Wildlife has a wide range of existing programs that contribute to the protection, management and conservation of the flora, fauna and ecosystems of the ‘biodiversity hotspot’ in the south west of Western Australia. Climate change is just one of a number of threatening processes that are monitored and managed by the department as part of its core business to protect, manage and conserve the State’s biodiversity. Scientists in the Department of Parks and Wildlife are also involved in climate change adaptation research including identification of refugia, developing seed sourcing strategies for establishing climate change resilient vegetation in ecological restoration projects and the potential influence of climate on risks posed by bushfire to the environment and the community.
(7) To be referred to Ministers as per question 5 as relevant.