Climate change strategy funding - Questions

1098. Hon Lynn MacLaren to the Attorney General representing the Minister for Emergency Services:

(1) With reference to question on notice No. 964 answered on 9 April 2014, has any funding been allocated by the State Government for the evaluation of escalating bushfire risks?
(2) If yes (1), please provide details?
(3) If no to (1), why not?

Hon Michael Mischin replied:

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) advises:
(1) Yes. The total approved budget for the Bushfire Risk Management Planning (BRMP) is $4,251,933 which includes the pilot project noted at paragraph (2) below.
Estimated BRMP project costs up until June 2014 total $1,319.952.

(2) The BRMP project currently being implemented by DFES includes a pilot with four local governments. The pilot, running between March and July 2014, is trialling the BRMP process, guidelines and templates, but more importantly evaluating the bushfire risk to the community and assigning tenure-blind treatments to reduce this risk.Outcomes from the pilot will inform participation levels including participation of Government agencies in the BRMP process and identify ongoing resource requirements for a rollout of the BRMP process across the State. Concurrently, DFES are developing a web based Bushfire Risk Management System that will support the BRMP process now and into the future.
(3) Not applicable.