Cockburn Cement Air Shed v. Air Quality Buffer

Question On Notice No. 2889 asked in the Legislative Council on 19 October 2010 by Hon Lynn Maclaren

Question Directed to the:
Minister for Environment
Minister responding:
Hon D.E.M. Faragher
38 Session: 1


(1) Has the Department mapped the boundaries of the emissions airshed for the Cockburn Cement plant in Munster?

(2) Will the Minister please provide a map outlining the boundaries of the Cockburn Cement Ltd airshed?

(3) How do the boundaries of the Kwinana Air Quality Buffer compare to the boundaries of the Cockburn Cement Ltd airshed?
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Answered on 11 November 2010

(1) The Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) has not created any specific air shed boundary around Cockburn Cement Limited's (CCL) plant in Munster.

The Environmental Protection (Kwinana) (Atmospheric Wastes) Policy 1999 (EPP) was approved by the Environmental Protection Authority in July 1992 and reviewed without change in 1999. The EPP includes an area around Cockburn Cement at its north-eastern boundary of approximately 1.5 kilometres in radius. 

(2)-(3) Not applicable

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