Cockburn Cement - Munster Plant

Extract from Hansard
[COUNCIL - Wednesday, 3 March 2010]
Hon Lynn MacLaren; Hon Donna Faragher


12. Hon LYNN MacLAREN to the Minister for Environment:
(1) Can the minister confirm that Cockburn Cement has commenced or will commence trials of burning
hazardous waste such as waste oils and tyres at its Munster plant?
(2) Can the minister confirm that all current emission limits and targets that apply to stack emissions from
all stacks at Cockburn Cement as part of its licence conditions will continue to apply during trial
burning of these waste products; and, if not, why not?
(3) Can the minister confirm that the current government policy on licensing and enforcement is based
upon industry self-regulation with oversight by the environmental agencies?
(4) If no, what policy has the government adopted for the regulation of prescribed premises?

I thank the member for some notice of this question.
(1) I have been advised that the Environmental Protection Authority has determined that Cockburn
Cement’s proposal for reinstatement of fuel oil storage tanks for operations at its Munster plant be “not
assessed—public advice given and managed under part V of the Environmental Protection Act 1986,
works approval”. The appeal period closes on 15 March 2010. The Department of Environment and
Conservation has advised me that it has not assessed or approved a proposal for the burning of waste
oils or tyres at the Munster site.
(2) I understand that a proposal of this nature will need to be thoroughly assessed through a works approval
process to determine whether the proposal is environmentally acceptable. Should a works approval be
granted for this proposal, DEC has advised me that it would consider what licence conditions would be
required to regulate and monitor gaseous emissions and amend the licence accordingly prior to
commencement of operation.
(3)–(4) The current approach of the department towards licensing and enforcement is based on industry being
regulated via compliance with environmental approvals, such as licences and notices, which impose
conditions and other requirements on industry. Regulation is overseen by DEC to ensure compliance
with the Environmental Protection Act 1986 and its regulations.