Community Call to Phase Out Live Export

Today at Parliament, on the back Saturday’s protest and in the wake of a new low in the live export industry, Lynn MacLaren MLC, Greens spokesperson on Animal Welfare, received a petition of 586 signatures calling for a timeframe to end live cattle exports.

“The petitioners are calling for an investigation into the live export trade in cattle, with a view to recommending a timeframe for discontinuing it,” she said.

“The State Government’s establishment of a timeframe to discontinue the export of cattle for slaughter from Western Australia gives farmers, the meat processing industry and shippers a fair opportunity to develop strategies to transition into packaged meat exports,” according to the petition.

“The Government points to their ‘extensive modelling’ of the industry, yet have no measures to use the surplus of abattoir capacity in Western Australia when shipments are delayed as happened this month.

“Another live export ship, the Ghena, loaded cattle and left Fremantle on 19 September. The Minister’s answer was vague to my question in Parliament on Thursday about where these cattle would end up. Various ports in the Middle East, was his response. No one can say how long they'll suffer on board or at their destination.

“The State Government can take action right now to provide the local meat processing industry and shippers fair opportunities to transition to packaged meat exports. That’s a win-win.”