Community opposition cools enthusiasm for Roe 8

Media statement, Thursday, 8 May 2014.

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren has congratulated community campaigners who have successfully deterred state funding for the Roe 8 Highway (through Perth’s Beeliar wetlands) for another year.

“Were it not for the continuing strong community opposition and campaigning I am certain there would be bulldozers warming their engines to tear through the wetlands already. Bit by bit campaigners have managed to hold back the tide on the government senselessly paving 5km of road through rare WA wetlands,” Ms MacLaren said.

But Ms MacLaren emphasised that the community must not grow complacent.

“The Federal Government may still throw money at the project; we do not want Mr Abbott to fund a four-lane motorway from Jandakot to Coolbellup and then reap it back via WA’s first road toll.

“The project has a huge price tag yet won’t reduce congestion and it seems that message is getting through to Government”.

Ms MacLaren said she was also analysing the State Budget for information on how it would affect vulnerable families, the environment, community services, public housing, sustainable planning, education and the shark hazard mitigation strategy.