Community outrage at EPA’s rejection of 22000 submissions

Media statement, Wednesday, 12 March 2014.

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren blasted the EPA today saying their refusal to assess the environmental impacts of baited hook drum lines is an outrageous affront to tens of thousands of Western Australians.

“Every man and his dog know that these drum lines are proposed to be a regular feature off popular beaches, and almost certainly off southwest beaches.

“The EPA decision not to assess their impact is akin to assessing a mine for only its first year, ignoring the ongoing impacts long into the future for the life of the mine.

“The EPA has unfortunately been blinded by the Premier’s stated intention that the drum lines will be out on April 30”, said Ms MacLaren.

“The Premier and Fisheries Minister have repeatedly made clear their plans to re-instate the drum lines every year. If the Premier instates the drum lines in brief and frequent stints over a long time frame, does he forever avoid an environmental assessment of this barbaric policy?”

“Today I call on Environment Minister Albert Jacob as a matter of urgency to request a strategic review from the EPA so that this can be properly assessed”.

Ms MacLaren will be appealing this decision by the EPA and urges the community to do the same. Appeals close March 26 2014 and can be made at