Community short-stay accommodation - funding

Extract from Hansard
[COUNCIL — Wednesday, 23 February 2011]
Hon Lynn MacLaren; Hon Simon O'Brien


Hon Lynn MacLaren to the minister representing the Minister for Housing

I refer to the $13 million of Royalties for Regions funding that has been allocated for funding community shortstay
accommodation, and I ask —

(1) Other than the sites in Boulder and Broome, what other sites are being considered?

(2) What sites are being considered in the Metropolitan Regions?

(3) How many centres will be built in total?

(4) What is or was being done, in the consultation process being undertaken by Professor Geoff Syme and
his team at Edith Cowan University’s Centre for Planning?

(5) Was a needs analysis conducted?

(6) Were local communities consulted?

(7) Will the report be made public?

(8) If yes to (7), when?

Hon SIMON O’BRIEN replied:

The Department of Housing advises:

(1) The funding is allocated specifically to the Kalgoorlie–Boulder and Broome sites.

(2) Nil

(3) Two.

(4) A two-stage public consultation process was conducted regarding the proposed facility (location,
design, management) in Kalgoorlie–Boulder. This process was completed in October 2010, with no
significant objections raised.

(5) The needs analysis was covered in the feasibility study and public consultation process for both sites.

(6) The public consultation process for Kalgoorlie–Boulder involved discussions with individual residents
and representatives from a local residents organisation who had directly contacted the Department,
other government agencies and community organisations with an interest in the project. The process
for Broome will be based on this.

(7) The Department can provide the report upon request. Material identifying private individuals would
need to be removed.

(8) Please refer to the answer in part 7.