Conservation Commission Withdrew Important Appeal to Protect Point Peron

The Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren wants the circumstances of the withdrawal of an environmental appeal by the Conservation Commission to be revealed and the grounds of the appeal against the Mangles Bay marina reviewed.
“The Conservation Commission had submitted an appeal against the EPA’s approval for the controversial Mangles Bay Marina, and subsequently withdrew it. This was revealed when I questioned the Environment Minister yesterday,” said Ms MacLaren.
“People are going to ask, what’s happening behind the scenes? What did the Commission identify as the shortcomings of the proposal and why was the appeal withdrawn?
“This raises more questions than it answers about the Government’s procedures on protecting the environment.
“It took Parliament question time to uncover the details of the appeal. It’s clear from the Commission’s appeal, tabled yesterday in response to my questions, that there were two important grounds for appeal.
“The Commission had written that the EPA recommendations had not adequately addressed the Commission’s concerns on nature conservation values. The Commission considers the landform and vegetation in Rockingham Lakes Regional Park to be of international importance and opposes the marina due to  increasing pressures on the natural environment.
“Secondly, the Commission found the offset conditions lacking. The Commission had not been given an opportunity to assess the value of the area to be acquired for conservation.
“It surprises me that an important perspective on the protection of Point Peron’s natural values was withdrawn.”