Climate Change

Lynn and the Australian Greens believe that climate change poses the greatest threat to our world in human history and requires urgent local, national and global action.

There is limited time for the global community to use our collective human intelligence to address the crisis of climate change and to prevent catastrophe.

Australia is ideally placed to lead the world in this challenge and the Greens are committed to Australia taking that lead. Australia needs to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, actively support international mitigation measures to reduce global emissions, and plan to adapt to climate change impacts which are now inevitable.

It is widely recognised that early action to reduce pollution is cheaper and fairer than delaying action and the cost of reducing greenhouse emissions and adapting to climate change must be distributed fairly, both domestically and between nations.

Climate change will result in the displacement of people, creating environmental refugees and intensifying the threat of regional and global conflict.

Australia must use its diplomatic and economic influence to promote the development of alternatives to greenhouse gas intensive sources of energy.

Energy prices should reflect the environmental and social costs of production and use and renewable energy projects should be ecologically sustainable and governed by the same development guidelines as other investments of a similar scale. The major refurbishment of existing coal fired power stations undermines the effort to increase end-use energy efficiency, demand management and renewable energy. Australia needs to plan for a future that does not rely on coal export and coal fired electricity.

For a safe global climate will require a return to an atmospheric concentration of 350ppm or lower of greenhouse gases (CO2 equivalents).


Authorised by Lynn MacLaren © 2017

Hon Lynn MacLaren MLC - Member for South Metropolitan Region Legislative Council, Parliament of Western Australia