There is a strong link between the mining and export of uranium and nuclear weapon proliferation. There are unacceptable environmental, health, security and social risks associated with every facet of the nuclear industry. Future generations must not be burdened with dangerous levels of radioactive waste.

Nuclear power is not a safe, clean, timely, economically viable or practical solution to the problem of greenhouse gas emissions and alternatives to nuclear energy exist today which make the nuclear power industry obsolete.

The Greens (WA) call for a complete and permanent ban on the mining, processing, import, export, transport or disposal of any element of uranium product or waste on Western Australian soil.

The Greens (WA) want a nuclear free future for Western Australia and oppose:

  • the mining and export of Western Australian uranium
  • the construction of any nuclear reactors in Western Australia
  • the transport  of feedstock and products of the nuclear fuel chain, and  nuclear weapons, through Western Australia or in Australian waters (other than radioisotopes for medical or other peaceful scientific purposes)
  • any visits by nuclear powered or armed vessels to our ports
  • the permanent deep burial of high level nuclear waste in any location
  • any promotion of the nuclear power or weapons industries in Australia or globally

The Greens (WA) will initiate and support legislation and actions that:

  • amend the Mining Act 1978 to prohibit uranium mining in Western Australia (see also The Greens (WA) Mining policy)
  • cancel existing mining tenements or State Agreements held for the express purposes of uranium mining
  • prohibit the importation of any classified radioactive waste material, from any source, into Western Australia
  • prohibit the development of any production-scale nuclear reactor in Western Australia
  • establish a State register of all workers in the nuclear and uranium mining industries and support research into the short and long term effects of these workers' exposure to all levels of radiation and / or make public the National Dose Register data (see also The Greens (WA) Workplace Relations policy)
  • support the development and use of non-reactor technologies for the production of the radioisotopes currently used for medical and scientific purposes in Western Australia
  • prohibit any facilities in Western Australia being developed or used for the US National Missile Defence system (see also the Australian Greens Peace and Security policy)
  • close all military communication facilities involved in nuclear weapons activities
  • prohibit visits by nuclear powered and/or armed vessels
  • support the immediate negotiation of an International Nuclear Weapons Convention prohibiting the development, production, testing, deployment, stockpiling, transfer, threat or use of nuclear weapons and providing for their accelerated elimination

(See also the Australian Greens Nuclear and Uranium policy)

Authorised by Lynn MacLaren © 2017

Hon Lynn MacLaren MLC - Member for South Metropolitan Region Legislative Council, Parliament of Western Australia