Transition Towns Initiative

The Transition Towns Initiative is a community response to the world’s over-consumption, particularly climate change, peak oil and economic instability. The project aims to transition from a period of unheralded growth and build resilience for an new type of community-connected future.

The philosophy behind Transition Towns starts from the observation that industrialised countries appear to believe their high levels of energy consumption, high carbon emissions and massive environmental impact can go on indefinitely.

However, the Transition Towns approach says that any rational examination of our energy supplies, our economic inequalities, our diminishing levels of well-being, our ecological crises and climate chaos shows that this cannot continue.

The best place to start transitioning away from this unviable way of living is right within our own communities, and the best time is right now.

What is involved?

The Transition Town initiative involves the creation of a local economy less reliant on outside sources. This involves things such as community supported agriculture, shared transport, local currencies, seed swaps, tool libraries, energy saving clubs, urban orchards and reskilling classes. Apart from constructing an ability to adapt to change, the transition initiative has positive social consequences. Transition towns are happier, friendlier places where residents interact often and the community becomes more robust.


Information on South Metro Transition Towns:

As the Greens representative for the South Metropolitan Region, Lynn is delighted to support Transition Town initiatives within the region. If you have started, or are interested in starting, a Transition Town program, let us know and we will add you to our list below.


The Transition project in Fremantle can be found at

"Our focus is to support and strengthen the Fremantle community to work together to create the common vision of a resilient and sustainable local economy."

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