Costed plan to transform Perth into a world-class city for bikes

The Greens have launched an ambitious plan to radically improve the safety, extent and use of the Perth Bike Network with a costed package to deliver around 6600km of safe, separated and well maintained bike lanes and paths across Perth by the year 2029.
“For a relatively modest annual investment in cycling, we can make a massive difference in transport options for the people of Perth,” said Senator Scott Ludlam, the Australian Greens spokesperson for sustainable cities and infrastructure.
The plan includes completing the half-finished Perth Bike Network and adding three entirely new networks that to provide safe routes to every school in Perth, and safely connects people to train stations, shopping centres and employment hubs by bike.
Bike Vision: the Greens 2029 Perth Bike Plan found that when compared to international best practice for cycling infrastructure, Perth is implementing some of the worst practices, including mixing high speed and high volume traffic in close proximity to cyclists.
With a total funding pool of $80.89 million per year sourced from all three levels of government, the Plan sets out a series of measures to provide and enforce a better deal for cyclists, including those in the regions.
“The state contribution amounts to 3% of the State transport budget. This modest investment will change the face of Perth and improve the quality of life for all by 2029,” Senator Ludlam said. 
“3% of the state transport budget amounts to $64milion a year spent on cycling infrastructure - a small fraction in the context of the transport budget,” said Lynn MacLaren MLC, the Greens Transport spokesperson for WA.
“So the $64 million dollar question is – will the Minister commit to easing congestion on our roads, improving people’s health and making cyclists genuinely safe, or is he just going to keep tinkering around the edges and implementing world’s worst practice?” Ms MacLaren asks.
“We spend much more than this every year on spot fixes to the road network. We could get people to choose a bike for one third of all trips if there was adequate infrastructure and support for cycling. This would provide a far better benefit to the whole community.”
“We want cyclists to be safe on their bikes and people to be confident that they can replace many of their car trips by cycling.” Ms MacLaren concluded.

Bike Vision: the Greens 2029 Perth Bike Plan was launched on Friday 16 November

Attached below are the complete plan, and executive summary and a flyer on the plan.

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