Costly Bridge Only Adds to Car Woes

Welcoming the RAC’s recent push for congestion solutions, the Greens pointed to better spending priorities than a costly traffic bridge that would add to car woes.

“This $10b costly bridge will only add to our car woes,” Greens transport spokesperson Lynn MacLaren MLC said. “Light rail is where we should be putting our transport dollars.

“I commend the RAC on their push for delivering a light rail system, detailed planning on an orbital rail line and completing the Principal Shared Path bike network. These are the planning decisions that will significantly lesson Perth’s reliance on private motor vehicles.

“Tolerance for sitting in long traffic queues is only getting worse. Figures recently released by the RAC show that 77 per cent of motorists experience increased congestion,” Ms MacLaren said.

“With nearly 150 000 new cars on the road last year, and a population growing faster than predicted, we’ve got to take this runaway horse by the reins and not let Perth become Australia’s Los Angeles or Detroit. Urban sprawl and city planning that prioritise motor traffic is not going to make Perth a liveable city.

“No-one wants to see their quality of life take a side-step to the encroachment of more roads and more cars. Many commuter car trips can be easily replaced by public transport that is efficient, reliable and stress-free.

“Perth doesn’t make the most of its river as Brisbane does. There are 24 terminals along the Brisbane River with around 28 vessels, along with an extensive rail network and bus services.

“We could have fast, efficient commuter ferry services, linked to light rail and bus services taking passengers through the suburbs.

“As for a bridge to Dalkeith, this idea was quashed soon after the Stephenson Hepburn plan was released because the route took traffic took close to Sir Charles Court’s home. Such was the attachment to the Plan, that the land on the Point Walter side was sold by Main Roads only a few years back and a home was built soon after. Putting in a bridge will only encourage heavy vehicles to make their way through beautiful riverside suburbs. I’m sure local residents don’t want that,” Ms MacLaren said.



Image:Transperth Ferry Shelley Taylor-Smith.jpg (Wikipedia)