Could this little moth put the brakes on Roe 8?

Lynn MacLaren MLC has called on the Barnett government to cancel the Roe 8 extension once and for all, after evidence emerged that the critically endangered Graceful Sun-Moth was found along the route of the proposed highway.

The scientist behind the discovery was Murdoch Tafe Environmental Restoration lecturer, Neil Goldsborough (BSc).

Mr Goldsborough has sent his report (see attachment below) to Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett, asking him to halt the road using the EPBC Act, a biodiversity protection law.

"Now there is strong evidence that the federally protected Graceful Sun-Moth lives in Bibra Lake and North Lake, we are calling on the Barnett government to cancel this environmentally disastrous, hugely expensive and controversial highway extension once and for all", said Lynn MacLaren.

"The Graceful Sun-Moth is in real danger of extinction. This is a high price to pay for a road that doesn't even solve transport problems in our area", added Ms MacLaren.

Lynn has vowed to keep pressuring the government to delete Roe 8 from the MRS (Metropolitan Region Scheme).  The Graceful Sun-Moth joins a long list of flora and fauna that is threatened by the proposed highway, including habitat for the Carnaby's Black Cockatoo. The route of the highway also damages Aboriginal heritage, by traversing an important cultural site.