Councils should move toward zero waste

South Metropolitan Greens MP Lynn MacLaren has expressed concern that Melville Council is considering diverting recyclable materials to landfill because it might work out cheaper than recycling and is calling for the council to move towards a zero waste strategy.

Hon. Lynn MacLaren says “Local Governments shouldn’t make decisions like this based on costs alone – the environmental impacts need to be considered, too. I hope most people in Melville would be happy for the council to pay a little bit more to do the right thing for the environment.”

“WA is currently lagging behind the other states with the lowest rate of recycling in Australia. Only 28 per cent of waste in WA is currently recycled – taking a further back-step would be completely unacceptable. WA should be following the example of other states and move towards zero waste,” added Ms MacLaren.

In comparison, Canberrans recycle well, with 85 per cent of standard recyclables (paper, plastic, glass and metals) and over 90 per cent of green waste being recycled. The ACT’s draft waste strategy includes a target to reuse or recycle 90 per cent of its waste by 2025.

“The State Government should be showing leadership and driving innovation in waste management policy, including reduction strategies,” concluded Ms MacLaren.