Court challenge shows flawed and reckless nature of Roe 8 approval, say WA Greens

The most recent legal challenge to the controversial Roe 8 extension, which alleges serious bias and conflicts of interest in the WA Government’s approval process, is yet another indication of the fundamentally flawed nature of this proposal, according to Greens Member for South Metro Lynn MacLaren MLC.

“The powerful light of the Supreme Court’s scrutiny will now be able to shine into the dark corners of this reckless approval process,” Ms MacLaren said. 

“I welcome the WA Environmental Defender's Office application to the Supreme Court to set aside the deeply concerning decision of the Environmental Protection Authority board members to approve the new road. 

“I have personally been involved in this campaign since 2001, working with members of the Save Beeliar Wetlands group, who were among the first to recognise the destructive nature of the road extension.

“That it has come to this, a court challenge, is a marked failure of Government to represent its people, to respect process, to protect heritage and environment.”

“It is also a shining example of what can be done by thousands of ordinary people when they are prepared to stand up and fight for proper process and transparent Government.

“I call upon Colin Barnett to recognise that his flawed proposal is doomed, and to commit to a strategic review of the State Government’s approach to Perth’s freight challenges.

“I also congratulate the WA Environmental Defenders Office, its volunteers and supporters, whose efforts brought the case to stop Roe 8 to court today.”