Culture And The Arts — Budget 2

Extract from Hansard
[COUNCIL —Tuesday, 11 September 2012]
Hon Lynn MacLaren; Hon Helen Morton
Culture And The Arts — State Budget 2012–13
5918. Hon Lynn MacLaren to the Minister for Mental Health representing the Minister for Culture and the Arts
(1) With reference to Major Spending Changes in Budget Paper No. 2, volume 2, page 570, line item ‘‘Portfolio Maintenance Program’’, what are the current annual costs of maintaining the ageing building stock managed by the Department of Culture and the Arts?
(2) Does the provision of $11.23 million over four years cover the annual costs referred to in (1)?
(3) Will the Minister please detail the amounts allocated to the maintenance of specific buildings managed by the Department of Culture and the Arts?
(4) How much, if any, of the provision has been allocated to high priority maintenance projects such as —
(a) replacing the main lift in the Art Gallery of WA;
(b) replacing the roof membrane of the State Library;
(c) replacing the air conditioners in the Perth Concert Hall; and
(d) other?
(5) What action will the Minister take to ensure that any ageing the Department of Culture and the Arts infrastructure, not detailed above, is adequately maintained?
(6) With reference to Major Spending Changes in Budget Paper No. 2, volume 2, page 570, line item ‘‘Efficiency Dividend’’, will the Minister please advise what cuts are proposed in order to meet the efficiency dividend of $11.688 million over four years?
(7) With reference to Service Summary in Budget Paper No. 2, volume 2, page 571 regarding ‘‘Screen Production Industry Support’’ —
(a) Will the Minister please explain how the budget estimate of $9.729 million for 2012–13 will be allocated; and
(b) whether any amount has been allocated to a feasibility study for the development of a screen production precinct in Perth?
Hon HELEN MORTON replied:
(1) $5m pa is allocated to the minor works maintenance program through the Department of Culture and the Arts and an additional $1.2m pa is allocated directly to the institutions in the portfolio to fund routine maintenance and breakdowns.
(2) Yes. Allocation covers known priority works.
(3) The agreed maintenance works are now undergoing detailed cost assessment and a program of works will then be prepared. It is not possible to provide an allocation for each building at this stage.
(4) (a) Art Gallery lift allocation is $400 000
(b) State Library Roof Membrane allocation has been $1.5m.
(c) The Perth Concert Hall Chiller replacement allocation is $750 000. The City of Perth is allocating the same amount.
(d) Not applicable
(5) The Department of Culture and the Arts is working with Building Management and Works on the methodology for preparing comprehensive Building Condition Assessments. These assessments will inform the development of a long-term maintenance and building upgrade program that addresses the needs of ageing infrastructure.
(6) The operating budgets will be reprioritised by a combination of the following initiatives:
• Adjustment in some program budgets.
• Adjustment in overall general expenditure (including. freight and mail services, minor equipment additions, travel and consumables)
• Adjustments concerning non-essential vacant positions, and fixed term contracts.
(7) (a) The budget allocation is $8.367m Funding program, Communications $0.292m and Administrative services $ 1.070m.
(b) Yes