Culture & the Arts

“Art challenges us to see differently and hence is a valuable means of learning about ourselves and others.”

Creative artistic expression and cultural experience are fundamental aspects of social wellbeing. Artists and keepers of cultural heritage play an important role in Australian social life and should be supported through legislation, policy and funding priorities.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and artistic work express unique cultures and heritage which must be supported, respected and appropriately protected.

Lynn is working with the Culture and Arts community to achieve the following objectives:

  • Australian arts and culture to maintain its unique character and diverse nature through support and promotion of local content and the development of local projects for all forms of art and culture.
  • to promote arts and cultural events, and access to those events, with appropriate funding and support.
  • increased access to arts and cultural experiences in rural and regional areas.
  • the support and promotion of arts and culture that reflect the cultural and linguistic diversity of the Australian population.
  • artists’ intellectual property rights to be protected

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