Cycling - Black spots: Questions

770. Hon Lynn MacLaren to the parliamentary secretary representing the Minister for Transport:

(1) How many “Report from Bike Black Spot” emails has the Minister received on cycling conditions and infrastructure since the launch of the smartphone app in March 2012?
(2) How many of the reported black spots have been fixed?
(3) What are the locations of the fixed black spots?
(4) How many of the black spots have received no attention?
(5) For each black spot in (4), why have they received no attention?

Hon Jim Chown replied:

(1) 212
(2)–(5) Not all reported black spots were path infrastructure problems that were required to be fixed, and a number of reports required referral to local government. All black spots submitted via the application have received appropriate attention.
The Department of Transport already has a hazard reporting tool available on its website which is the preferred method for reporting black spots. This tool allows for tracking and referrals and is a more efficient resource for tracking bike black spot issues.