DAFWA misjudged public opposition to GM

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren has applauded a ruling this week by the Organic Industry Standards & Certification Council not to allow any genetically modified products in organic foods. 

“This is a win for common sense and public opinion,” Ms MacLaren said. 

“The WA Department of Food and Agriculture made an application for a 0.9 per cent threshold of allowable GM contamination in organic foods but their application was overwhelmingly outnumbered by submissions against allowing any percentage threshold.

“’Organic’ must mean what it says: this is what consumers expect and demand, here and in our overseas markets. 

“There is booming global demand for GM-free foods, and it is an export market for WA farmers that the Barnett Government should be protecting and supporting: DAFWA’s application to create a threshold for allowable GM contamination flew in the face of that. 

“The OISCC’s role is to set national standards for organic and biodynamic produce, thus ensuring continued consumer confidence and international market access: this ruling should ensure WA organic standards on GM will continue to meet consumer expectations.”