A decade of corruption by the EPA: Greens demand better processes

Media statement, Wednesday, 10 September 2014.

Greens Lynn MacLaren says it ‘astounding and extremely disappointing’ that the Minister will seek to retrospectively validate twenty-five projects environmentally approved by a conflicted board of the EPA.

“Instead, he should be improving the transparency and accountability of the EPA Board.

“I think the communities who campaigned vehemently against the environmental approval of projects such as Browse LNG will attribute this revelation to how projects have been approved despite overwhelming community and scientific opposition.

“Twenty-five projects over a decade is a complete travesty, how this was allowed to continue for so long brings to question the practices we have in place to monitor processes that ensure state authorities are not corrupt.

“The Environment Minister is mistaken in thinking it is acceptable to rush through legislation in this instance. I doubt the wider community finds this tolerable, I certainly don’t. “Minister Jacobs seems to think he can make the rules up as he goes along, this is not the case”.