Department of Commerce - Addressing Climate Change

Extract from Hansard
[COUNCIL — Thursday, 7 April 2011]
Hon Lynn MacLaren; Hon Simon O'Brien


Hon Lynn MacLaren to the Minister for Commerce

(1) Is the Department of Commerce addressing climate change issues as it affects the Department’s sectoral

(2) If no to (1), why not?

(3) If yes to (1), which climate change issues have been identified as affecting the Department’s sectoral

(4) In respect of each issue identified, how is it being addressed (please provide full details) in terms of —

(a) adaptation;

(b) mitigation; and

(c) modification of activities likely to maintain or increase the severity of the impacts of climate

(5) In respect of each answer to (4) —

(a) how much funding has been allocated to this work;

(b) how many FTE staff have been allocated to this work; and

(c) how is success being measured?

(6) Regarding the answer to (5)(c), is this information publicly available?

(7) If no to (6), why not?

(8) If yes to (6) —

(a) where is it publicly reported; and

(b) how often is it updated?

Hon SIMON O’BRIEN replied:

(1) Yes, the Department is addressing climate change issues as it affects its sectoral responsibilities.

(2) Not applicable

(3) Adaptation and mitigation issues have been identified as affecting the Department's sectoral

(4) For adaptation and mitigation, the Department is involved in the following activities.

  • The emissions from the Department's fleet vehicles are being offset through the State Fleet Vehicle Emissions Offset Scheme; and the Department adheres to the WA Government Fleet Policy CO2 emission benchmark when selecting replacement vehicles.
  • The Department's greenhouse gas emissions are measured through the System for Accounting and Reporting Government Emissions (SARGE).
  • The Department regularly delivers education to staff on energy reduction.

(5) (a) There is no funding allocated to this work.

(b) There is .25 of a level 4 FTE allocated.

(c) The emission and consumption figures are measured each year against previous years with a
reduction target of 10% reduction in energy use per MJ/FTE or m2/FTE by 2011/2012 relative
to 2006/7.

(6) No, the information is not currently publicly available.

(7) Under the Premiers Circular 2008/11 agencies are required to report their energy use. Up until
the 2007/2008 year a report was prepared by the Office of Energy which was a public document. Since
that report no further reports have been prepared.

(8) Not applicable