Department of education - oval and green space contractors: Questions

1015. Hon Lynn MacLaren to the Minister for Education:

(1) What contractor does the Department of Education and Training currently engage to manage public school sports ovals and green spaces?
(2) Does the Department of Education have, or intend to have, a contract with Turf Masters to manage public school ovals?
(3) Does the Minister for Education have confidence in the integrity of Turf Masters to safely manage turf areas in our public school system?
(4) What chemicals are currently applied to public school ovals via turf management contractors?
(5) Is the Minister satisfied that children in our public schools are being adequately protected from the adverse impacts of pesticide applications?

Hon Peter Collier replied:

(1) Lawn mowing services are currently provided to public schools by 10 contractors in the metropolitan area and large regional centres. In the metropolitan area this service is provided by:
• The Lawn Doctor;
• Warren’s Lawnmowing Services;
• Turfmaster Facility Management;
• Turf Developments (WA) Pty Ltd; and
• Lochness Landscape Services.
In regional areas the service is provided by:
• Lovegrove Turf Services Pty Ltd (Northam),
• Glenfield Lawn Mowing and Gardening Services (Geraldton - Dongara),
• PG & JD Forrest (Narrogin),
• Sussex Turf Control (Bunbury and Warren-Blackwood), and
• Lochness Landscape Services (Pinjarra and Albany - Denmark).
(2) Yes, the Department of Education has a lawn mowing contract with Turfmaster Facility Management.
(3) I have confidence in the Department of Education’s tendering process to ensure that all contractors, including Turfmaster Facility Management, safely manage the turf areas in our schools.
(4) The Lawn Services Contracts restrict contractors to using the following herbicides, which all have a rating of S5 or less for weed control:
• Bromoxynil + MCPA;
• Iodosulfuron-Sodium;
• MCPA + Clopyralid + Difenican; and
• Prodiamine.
(5) Yes, I am satisfied that the Department of Education’s policies and procedures with regard to pesticide applications at public schools ensure a safe environment for all students and staff.