Department of Tourism Budget

Question On Notice No. 3025 asked in the Legislative Council on 9 November 2010 by Hon Lynn Maclaren

Question Directed to the:
Minister for Environment representing the Minister for Tourism
Minister responding:
Hon Dr E. Constable
38 Session: 1


In reference to the Budget Statements, Budget Paper No. 2 volume two, I ask -

(1) Page 397, Significant Issues Impacting the Agency states that, the Western Australian tourism industry generates over 82 000 jobs and injects $7.3 billion into the Western Australian economy, -

(a) how many of these jobs are in regional tourism;

(b) how much of the $7.3 billion was generated from regional tourism;

(c) how many of these jobs are in indigenous tourism; and

(d) how much money was generated from indigenous tourism?

(2) How much Government funding has been allocated over the next four years to the development of the James Price Point Gas Hub compared to funding for the development of tourism in the Kimberley?

(3) What level of funding assistance is to be provided to Indigenous tourism businesses in the Kimberley over the next four years, bearing in mind that there are already over 500 Indigenous people employed in tourism in the region and over 20 Indigenous tourism businesses?

(4) Page 403, Details of Controlled Grants and Subsidies, lists the Gormley Installation-Lake Ballard, Indigenous Employment, and Regional Tourism Organisations and an estimated actual for each project in 2008-2009. Why are there no forward estimates for these projects?

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