Engine Brake Noise Standards Follow-UP

Question On Notice No. 3022 asked in the Legislative Council on 9 November 2010 by Hon Lynn Maclaren

Question Directed to the:
Minister for Transport
Minister responding:
Hon S.M. O'Brien
38 Session: 1


In reference to answers to QWN No. 690 from 16 September 2010, I ask -

(1) What technical difficulties have been reported, and in what jurisdictions?

(2) Why are these difficulties stopping Western Australia from identifying how the system could be tested and implemented successfully in this State?

(3) Does the Minister’s department have the technical and legal capacity to test, evaluate, and implement the engine brake noise standards?

(4) Does the Minister agree that brake noise is a significant community concern in relation to traffic impacts in Western Australia?

(5) Does the Minister agree with the decision of Western Australia to be a signatory to the 2007 Australian Transport Council commitment?

(6) If the nation’s two biggest states, Victoria and NSW, can implement a logical, staged approach to implementing engine brake noise limits, including identifying and resolving technical challenges, why can’t Western Australia take a similar staged approach, and thus begin addressing the problem of brake noise immediately?

(7) What other actions will the Minister take to reduce the impacts of engine brake noise on Western Australian communities while we wait until other states have fully implemented the new standards and compliance systems?

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