On September 22, 2010 WA parliamentarians voted against Robin Chapple's Voluntary Euthanasia Bill 2010, a Bill for an Act to provide for the administration of voluntary euthanasia.

11 MPs voted for the Bill and 24 voted against.

Information about the bill and safeguards.


    • Be of sound mind
    • Be at least 21 years of age
    • Have a medically diagnosed terminal illness that will cause their death within 2 years of the date on which their request for euthanasia is made.
    • Be experiencing pain, suffering or debilitation that is considerable and related to the terminal illness.
    • Be a resident of Western Australia, and having been a resident for at least three years prior to the application for euthanasia.


    • Be made in writing, in the form set out in the Bill.
    • And be witnessed by 2 independent and unrelated people.


    • In order for an application to be progressed, it must be referred first to an independent medical practitioner, who becomes known for the Act as the “applicant’s medical practitioner.”
    • The applicant’s medical practitioner must ensure the person is aware of palliative care options and the availability of counselling and other support services before assessing the request.
    • The applicant’s medical practitioner and another independent medical practitioner must then assess the request
    • These independent medical practitioners must ensure the person’s request is not wholly or substantially attributable to a state of clinical depression.
    • These independent medical practitioners must also ensure the person’s request is not wholly or substantially motivated by a desire to cease to be a burden, and that they have made the request voluntarily.
    • The applicant’s medical practitioner and a third, new independent medical practitioner must be present at the time of the administration of euthanasia.


    • A person may revoke their request at any time.
    • A person’s request lapses immediately the applicant’s medical practitioner concludes an applicant has ceased to be of sound mind.
    • Medical practitioners, witnesses and any others involved, provided they comply with the Act, will not incur any criminal or civil liability.
    • A person who does anything required or permitted under the Act, forfeits any direct or indirect financial or other benefit that would otherwise have come to them as a result of the death of the applicant.

For more information and to see a copy of the entire Voluntary Euthanisia Bill 2010, please go to Robin Chapple's website here