Fremantle is the Canary on the Coastline

Returning from a recent visit to California to Fremantle’s sweltering summer temperatures in autumn, newly re-elected Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren recounted  reports in the USA media that named Australia the “canary in the coal mine” in terms of experiencing impacts of climate change.

“The Climate Commission reported that this past summer was the hottest on record and included the hottest sea-surface temperatures ever,” Ms MacLaren said today.

“In addition to higher sea temperatures, increases in sea level have been observed at places with very long records, including Fremantle. In our port city, a 3-fold increase in inundation events has occurred, as shown by comparing the pre-1950 to the post-1950 frequency of flooding.

“The WA Government’s wilful disregard to curbing greenhouse gas emissions is at odds with laudable efforts around the country, and in California.

"Nationwide, the trend in emissions is finally showing a downturn from their highs of a couple of years ago.

"This is largely due to the turnaround in the stationary energy sector, thanks to renewables and conservation.

"And yet WA powers on - our stationary energy emissions have doubled since 1989/90, thanks to inaction by successive Liberal and Labor governments - failing to take the issue seriously.

"Worse still, they leave industry to run amok with emissions on new projects - even when the EPA calls for some restraint.

"It's been left to the Greens to show the way again, by developing 'Energy 2029' - our detailed plan for how to meet Western Australia's south-west grid electricity demand entirely through energy efficiency, fuel-switching, and a range of renewable energy technologies that exist today.

“The State Government must take urgent action to arrest the worst impacts of climate change. Transforming our energy footprint is both morally and economically sensible. It’s the least the Barnett Government can do for future generations. That would be a legacy to be proud of,” Ms MacLaren concluded.