Greens call for an end to lead shipments through Fremantle

The Greens are calling for a permanent end to the shipment of lead carbonate through Fremantle after it was revealed today that lead had been conveyed on the wrong train line.

Hon. Lynn MacLaren MLC the Greens spokesperson on Transport said “Now Magellan has clearly demonstrated it can’t live up to the Environmental Management Plan, so their license should be withdrawn. The company has been given too many chances already and has shown it can’t be trusted.”

The Office of the Environmental Protection Authority is investigating the changed route after receiving a tip-off that lead carbonate had been transported via Kwinana rather than directly from Forrestfield to North Fremantle as outlined in Magellan's environmental management plan. 10 trains carrying 159 containers of lead are reported to have used the alternative route between November and January."Governments have bent over backwards to accommodate this company and all we have to show for it are public health threats, costly environmental clean-ups, and now, clear breaches of agreement,” added Ms MacLaren.

"The only option is for Minister Marmion to revoke environmental approval for lead carbonate and to instigate a process whereby Magellan, and anyone else exporting lead carbonate, must do it in pelletised or ingot form," concluded Ms MacLaren.