Greens Fight Marina Development: Point Peron is Too Precious To Lose

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren and Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam, in response to today’s conditional approval for a marina at Point Peron, said “The Greens will work together at a State and Federal level to protect Point Peron because it is too precious to lose.”

“A canal estate in this location is a mistake that we will pay for now and long into the future,” the South Metro MLC said.

“People who love Point Peron need to contact the Minister for the Environment, Albert Jacob MLA now, and urge him to save Point Peron and stop the marina,” said Ms MacLaren.

Senator Scott Ludlam said, “We believe that the State doesn’t have the right to carve up this peninsula. There is a historical Commonwealth agreement that should be upheld.”

“The proponents have failed to demonstrate that the restriction on its original purpose for ‘Parks and Recreation’ has been lifted,” he added.

“Recreational space is sorely needed in this region of growing population, and the community wants a world class coastal and conservation park,” said Ms MacLaren. “The land at Point Peron includes 38 hectares of a 'Bush Forever’ site which would be destroyed in constructing a marina.”

“Canal developments of this type are out-dated and have been banned in some states due to their unacceptable environmental impact and ongoing maintenance issues. Western Australia can do better,” Ms MacLaren concluded.