Greens join protest as sheep shipment reaches Fremantle

Greens WA MLC and animal welfare spokesperson Lynn MacLaren will rally protestors at Victoria Quay in Fremantle at 11am this morning to protest against live exports as the MV Al Shuwaikh arrives enroute to Qatar. At least 50,000 sheep are on board which were originally offloaded from the crippled Al Messilah in Adelaide.

Fremantle is their last Australian port of call before suffering a three week haul to the Middle East.

“Public support to phase out live exports is stronger than ever and the Greens will continue to seek support for a live export ban through the Senate inquiry due to report on 21 September 2011,” said Ms MacLaren.

“The sheep aboard the Al Shuwaikh have suffered enough – at least 300 of the original 67,000 aboard died by failing to eat during the first 10 days of export on a converted car carrier known as the Al Messilah.”

The sheep were reloaded onto a ship with a worse record for mortalities and breakdowns than the first vessel.

“The Maritime Safety and Australian Quarantine authorities investigated the MV Al Shuwaikh, after 5,800 sheep died on one voyage in 2002, in the heat and humidity of a Middle East summer,” Added Ms MacLaren.

The Greens WA MLC will join Stop Live Exports supporters and members in protesting and calling for an end to live export.


Where: Victoria Quay, between the B & C Sheds, in front of the E Shed markets, Fremantle
When: 11 am, Thursday 8th September 2011


9 August: 67,000 sheep were loaded onto the MV Al Messilah in Adelaide bound for Qatar, but were forced to return when mechanical problems emerged in the Spencer Gulf. At least 300 die during the first 10 days.
19/20 August: The sheep were unloaded into a feedlot north of Adelaide.
2 September: The sheep are reloaded, this time onto the MV Al Shuwaikh.