Greens release plan for solar panels on every public housing home

The Greens have unveiled a $68 million plan to slash the power bills of some of the state’s poorest families and pensioners while cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 74,000 tonnes a year.

The plan would see 1.5kW solar systems installed on the roofs of every public and community housing dwelling across the state.

Housing spokesperson for the Greens Lynn MacLaren MLC said the initiative would help families and other public and community housing tenants by bringing down their cost of electricity by an average of $500 a year.

“At the same time it will assist in bringing down the state’s carbon emissions and boosting the solar energy industry in WA,” Ms MacLaren said.

“It is a win, win, win situation.

“With a relatively small government investment we could provide a boost to the budget bottom line of thousands of pensioners and families while at the same time reducing the state’s carbon emissions.

“We have around 22,000 public housing homes and apartments across WA and another nearly 8,000 community housing units. Their roofs could be used to assist householders in meeting rising utilities costs while at the same time reducing the state’s growing carbon footprint.

“We have calculated that the cost of the project would be $68 million spread over three years. The cost is based on $2000 a roof plus around $276 a home for a smart meter.

“WA has an abundant supply of sunshine so why don’t we make use of the thousands of hectares of roof space on public and community housing to benefit the people who live in these homes and to bring down WA’s carbon emissions.”

Ms MacLaren said the plan was simple and relatively easy to implement.

“The Greens are about finding innovative solutions to the problems facing WA today and into the future.”


The detailed initiative paper is available below.

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