Greens Repeat Call for Pig Farmer to Stand Down from Industry Boards


February 10 2011

Calls for pig farmer Neil Ferguson to stand aside while under the cloud of cruelty charges are not a knee-jerk reaction by the Greens, as claimed by Agriculture Minister Redman.

“Actually, this is the second time that cruelty charges have been laid in relation to Mr Ferguson’s Gingin piggery. And in this instance, the Department of Local Government has laid no less than 30 cruelty charges,” said Greens WA Animals spokesperson Lynn MacLaren MLC.

“Cruelty charges are a very serious matter. When laid against a producer who is in such standing as Mr Ferguson, I would hope that the Minister would pay serious attention to the implications for the industry, and ask that Mr Ferguson be temporarily relieved of his board responsibilities.

“I find it fascinating that the Minister isn’t taking a cautious approach by supporting the call for Mr Ferguson to stand down or at least take leave from his positions on government industry boards while the case is heard,” Ms MacLaren concluded.

For media enquiries, please contact Lynn MacLaren on 0403 721 951.