Homophobic attack on Safe Schools initiative harmful for LGBTI youth

An attack on the Safe Schools Coalition could result in long-lasting damage to LBGTI youth, Greens sexuality and gender identity spokesperson Lynn MacLaren will tell protestors at the Stand Up for Safe Schools snap rally in Perth tonight.

“I will join hundreds of supporters in the Murray Street Mall this evening to speak out against the Turnbull Government’s decision to scale back this brilliant initiative,” Ms MacLaren said.

“For many young gay, trans, lesbian, bisexual or questioning students, the realisation that they are not straight can be a troubling time, without the added trauma of instances of homophobic bullying from his or her peers,”

“Many LGBTI adults still carry the scars of the trauma they suffered as a result of the bullying and intimidation they encountered because of their sexuality during their teenage years.  

“The Safe Schools Coalition is designed to ensure another generation is not scarred in the same way.

“It is not an exaggeration to say Safe Schools saves lives.

“This is not a marginal issue. It is accepted that between eight and 15% of people identify as non-heterosexual.

 “Everyone has the right to an education free from bullying and intimidation and everything possible needs to be done to ensure all young people feel safe at school.”

Lynn MacLaren MLC will speak at the Stand Up for Safe Schools Snap Rally at Murray Street, Perth, on 21 March at 6pm.