Housing - Remote Aboriginal Communities

Question Without Notice asked in the Legislative Council on 1 July 2010 by Hon LYNN MacLAREN 

Question directed to: Housing
Parliament: 38 Session: 1

462. Hon LYNN MacLAREN to the Leader of the House representing the Minister for Housing:  

My question is related to the minister’s announcement yesterday about the delivery of housing in remote Aboriginal communities.

(1) Will the minister please list the communities where the 89 new houses are located?

(2) Are any of the houses designed specifically for the climate and cultural needs of the communities where they are located?

(3) Will the minister please list the communities where the 150 refurbished houses are located?

(4) Are housing agreements in place for each of these communities; and, what were the challenges in developing those agreements?

(5) How were the communities consulted?

(6) How many Aboriginal people were employed across the construction and refurbishment programs; and, are these ongoing or short-term jobs?

Hon NORMAN MOORE replied:

I thank the member for some notice of this question. The answer is reasonably long and I am unable to pronounce many of the names, so it may be in the house’s best interest if I simply table the answer and seek to have it incorporated in Hansard.

I seek leave to table the response and have it incorporated into Hansard.

Leave granted. [See paper 2249.]

The following material was incorporated —

The Department of Housing advises:

1. Ardyaloon, Beagle Bay, Bindi Bindi, Blackstone, Bondini, Darlngunaya, Jigalong, Kurnangki, Mardiwah Loop, Mowanjum, Mt Margaret, Nicholson Block, Pandanus Park, Pia Wadjari, Warmun, Wirrimanu (Balgo), Wongatha Wonganarra and Yungngora.

2. All dwellings are appropriate to the climate and cultural needs of the Communities in which they are located. The dwellings are designed to comply with the Building Code of Australia, the National Indigenous Housing Guidelines and achieve a 5 star Energy rating.

3. Ardyaloon, Bidyadanga, Bindi Bindi, Bungardi, Coonana, Djugerari, Kalumburu, Kupungarri, Kurnangki, Mardiwah Loop, Mowanjum, Mugarinya (Yandeyarra) Community, Mungullah, Nicholson Block, Tjuntjuntjara, Wannarn, Wirrimanu (Balgo), Yardgee and Yiyili

4. Housing Management Agreements are not in place as the legislation was not enacted until 1 July 2010.

5. The Department engaged with community organisations and relevant housing organisations in relation to the number of houses required and the site placement. Initial consultation in relation to Housing Management Agreements involved 15 meetings with 56 communities involving a total of 200 people. Formal negotiations are scheduled from mid July 2010.

6. More than 100 people.

(a) It is envisaged that the employment opportunities created through this program of works will transition into ongoing employment.