Jandakot Airport Bushland Clearance

The WA Greens have fought long and hard in the State parliament to protect the fragile biodiversity that will be affected by the redevelopment of Jandakot Airport.

The Greens moved that the Upper House call on the Federal Government to rethink its approval of major new development on the airport land, which is owned by the Federal government.

The site contains high quality habitat for dozens of native species and is a Priority 1 water source protection area.

The State Labor party didn't support the motion and it was defeated, risking both the Jandakot water mound and endangered species such as the Carnaby's Black Cockatoo and the Grand Spider Orchid, which is classified as Declared Rare Flora under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act

Airport lessee Jandakot Airport Holdings is planning changes including a fourth runway and up to 250 businesses surrounding the aviation infrastructure.

There is already cleared land on one side of the airport which would be suitable for development, so there is no need to destroy healthy bushland.

If you want to speak out about this, either contact your local MP or write letters to the local and state papers here.


WWF Australia