Lifting of lead export ban premature

Lynn MacLaren MLC has expressed her grave concerns at the announcement this week that Magellan Metals will again be able to transport lead carbonate through the port of Fremantle. On Wednesday, the Environment Minister Bill Marmion announced he was lifting the order which prevented Magellan Metals from transporting lead carbonate out of its Wiluna mine into Fremantle.

Lynn MacLaren said “I think the lifting of the ban is premature because, in Minister Marmion’s own words, Magellan needs to ‘strengthen’ its monitoring and reporting systems. The company is also the subject of an ongoing, formal investigation into an alleged breach of Ministerial conditions. Until these issues are resolved, the ban should remain.”

Recent events have also highlighted the inadequacy of environmental controls.

“The reporting system was slow and the decision makers were unresponsive. So the Minister’s assurance that “lead levels did not exceed strict limits” is cold comfort to people who live in Fremantle and along the route from Wiluna,” said Ms MacLaren.

“One ray of hope for the people of Fremantle is that the government is looking at the possibility of shipping lead carbonate in ingot form. With Magellan’s history, this is a no-brainer,” Ms MacLaren concluded.