Live export breakdowns prove that the pain-staking trade is not working

Media statement, Monday, 16 September, 2013.

Greens MLC Ms Lynn MacLaren yesterday joined over a hundred vocal activists at Fremantle Docks to protest a ship carrying 5240 livestock cattle that turned back just days into its three week trip to Israel, stating that the incident ‘stands as a poignant example of the hardships that come with sending our livestock overseas’.
“As if this arduous trip wasn’t traumatising enough, three days into the trip the cattle had to be turned around because a bearing gave way on the ship’s propeller shaft. It makes matters worse that when there’s a malfunction aboard these ships - cattle lives are further at risk”.

Last year, mechanical difficulties on the same ship, ‘Pearl of Para’, was responsible for the death for 400 pregnant cattle that were travelling from the US to Russia; the animals are reported to have perished from ammonia fumes when ventilation in the ship broke down”.

“Tens of thousands of sheep and cattle die on the ships before they reach the Middle East each year, turning the ship around because of mechanical failure adds to the long list of why we should be slaughtering our cattle here in WA, and then sending it across”.

“When I recently asked questions regarding this most recent crisis in parliament, I was informed by the Minister for Agriculture and Food that there was one full time vet on board, this is simply not enough to look after over 5000 cattle on a painstaking journey”.

Ms MacLaren has been campaigning long-term to put an end to the live cattle export trade in WA.

“Rest assured that I will keep campaigning, the Greens Regional Resilience package demonstrates there are other sustainable alternatives. Animals do not need to suffer in this way”.