Lynn joins cement plant protest

Lynn MacLaren MLC joined protestors outside the Cockburn Cement plant in Munster at 1.30pm today.

The protestors are frustrated by the lack of Government action to prevent pollution from the plant, and intend to release more than 100 balloons to show how far lime dust can travel on the wind. Each balloon will have a tag saying “if you have received this message you have also received pollution from Cockburn Cement”.

Lynn MacLaren MLC says “The last few weeks of hot weather have been particularly difficult for residents near the plant. People have been unable to open their windows to let in the cooling sea breeze because of Cockburn Cement’s pollution.”

“It’s high time Cockburn Cement cleaned up their act. As a South Metro MP I regularly receive complaints from people in the suburbs around Cockburn Cement about cement dust on cars, houses and in water tanks, not to mention health concerns relating to the pollution,” Ms MacLaren added.

“I have asked questions in Parliament about controls on industrial emissions close to schools and homes but the Government has not taken the speedy action needed.”

Ms MacLaren has called for the installation of more modern filtration systems at the plant. This would reduce the levels of particulate pollution dramatically.

“Until these pollution controls are in place Cockburn Cement should not be allowed to release any more waste gases into the atmosphere,” concluded Ms MacLaren.