Carnaby’s Cockatoos facing extinction, Greens call for new laws

25th August 2014


Figures released today by Birdlife Australia that Carnaby’s Cockatoos are set to be extinct in Perth within the next 20-30 years have confirmed the fears of the community fighting so hard to save them, explained Greens Urban Bushland & Wetlands spokesperson Lynn MacLaren MLC.

“Having previously volunteered for the Great Cocky Count – a hugely successful citizen science project – I found the results released today heartbreaking. We must act quickly and drastically to save this species before it is too late. I congratulate the near 700 volunteers who gave their time for this cause. They have added a critical piece to the puzzle of declining numbers.

“The trajectory indicates a grim demise for the species if we do not commit more time and effort to save it. This year the Great Cocky Count included a five year analysis, which indicates the Cockatoo population has been declining by 15% annually since 2010.

“The iconic Cockatoos face certain demise from a failure to properly protect vital habitat – which is being bulldozed with unhalting regularity.

“What is more horrifying (in light of this news) is the current threat facing Underwood Ave Bushland, which is home to 159 of the Carnaby’s Black Cockatoos. Identified by the Greens as one of the top ten places too precious to lose, the proposed development by UWA will destroy this critically important bushland that has been rigorously defended by many. 

“Grandchildren the world over deserve to witness this wonderful West Australian bird in its native habitat, not a concrete jungle. The Greens call for a stronger Biodiversity Conservation Act to ensure WA flora and fauna thrive long into the future.”

After National Threatened Species Day on September 7th I asked questions of the Government about the fate of the Carnaby’s Black Cockatoos and whether they would take action to protect and preserve the species and its habitat.

Authorised by Lynn MacLaren © 2017

Hon Lynn MacLaren MLC - Member for South Metropolitan Region Legislative Council, Parliament of Western Australia