Greens call for more women’s refuges

22nd November 2013


Media statement, Friday 22 November, 2013. 

The Greens have echoed calls for more refuges in WA to meet the range of needs of men, women and children fleeing family and domestic violence. Today Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren marched in the 23rd Annual Silent Domestic Violence Memorial March, to remember lives lost in the past year. 

“Statistics show between 18 and 24 people were murdered in Western Australia by a member of their family. This number simply must decline, we must band together to raise awareness and help diminish abuse behind closed doors”.

“I also welcomed today’s petition for a review of the sentences for women imprisoned for murder in circumstances where there was sustained, long term family violence. The laws have been changed, now we need to review those people who are suffering under the previous laws.
“It is astounding to think that domestic homicides account for a quarter of all homicides in Western Australia. Most commonly this is women dying at the hands of their partners, though men and children are also victims; I laid a flower on a coffin today marking the death of a 35 year man in Kalgoorlie”. 

“We need more refuges; especially for women with larger families, these women need a way out… it is costing them their lives. The Government promised funding for this and it is yet to come into fruition, we do not have time to waste”.

“We need to give these women and children safety, we need to offer them support and a place to go, no one deserves physical violence in their home, and no one deserves to die as a result”. 

The Barnett Government has embarked on a range of approaches, including better analysis of family and domestic violence incidents and law reform.

“I call on the Barnett Government to immediately provide funding for these essential services”.

Authorised by Lynn MacLaren © 2017

Hon Lynn MacLaren MLC - Member for South Metropolitan Region Legislative Council, Parliament of Western Australia