Greens call for State Government action on serious health threats of climate change

18th September 2015


The Greens have called for the State Government to act now to address the serious health impacts of climate change, with Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren introducing a motion on the topic in Parliament yesterday.

“It is encouraging to see the increasing number of medical groups, such as the AMA, who are now also recognizing the health threats of climate change and calling for action,” Ms MacLaren said.

“The growing body of evidence shows that heatwaves are increasing, as are cyclones, air pollution and vector-borne diseases such as malaria, dengue fever and encephalitis. These disproportionately affect people such as the young, poor, disabled and elderly, as well as those with asthma and mental health issues that also make them vulnerable to illness.

“This public health issue requires immediate action. Establishing an action plan now will put us in a better position to handle health impacts of climate change.

“Unfortunately the Government seems to think only a fire emergency plan is necessary, and once they’ve stuck that plan up on the wall their job is done.

“It is clear that they have no intention of taking this matter seriously.

“Their response in Parliament was to cite the outdated 2012 document “Adapting to our changing climate”. This superficial pamphlet has no responsible agency, no funding, no implementation plan and no timelines.

“I am not convinced by the Government’s vague assurances that they have this under control.”

Authorised by Lynn MacLaren © 2017

Hon Lynn MacLaren MLC - Member for South Metropolitan Region Legislative Council, Parliament of Western Australia