Oxford Foyer a great model for future social projects: Greens

The WA Greens have praised the innovative concept and design of the Oxford Foyer, saying it highlights what can be achieved when government agencies and charities work together to address issues such as youth homelessness.

“Foundation Housing, Anglicare WA and the Central Institute of Technology have obviously worked incredibly hard to make this happen.

"The Oxford Foyer will help so many vulnerable young people build their confidence and skills and put them on the path to long-term employment,” said Lynn MacLaren MLC and Greens WA Spokesperson for Social Inclusion and Poverty.

“Even though the Foyer has been modelled on similar projects already set up in the eastern states and worldwide, these ideas aren’t easy to get off the ground, so my hat goes off to all the stakeholders for their dedication and perseverance.  

“The Oxford Foyer takes a very common sense and practical approach to the problem of youth homelessness.

"The three agencies behind the project have brought their own set of skill and knowledge to the table during the planning phase and most importantly, seem to have listened to what the others have said. This is what makes the project so exciting.

“It’s a great model for other government agencies, charities or businesses who are planning to set up similar projects to help some of our society’s most disadvantaged people,” added Ms MacLaren.