People with disabilities left in the dark about NDIS trials

West Australians with disabilities taking part in the NDIS and My Way trials yesterday received assurances for the first time that they would continue to receive support after the trials end on June 30, thanks to a question in Parliament from The Greens.

“The Minister for Disabilities yesterday revealed for the first time in an answer to my question that people will continue to be supported at the current levels they are receiving as part of the two separate trials,” Greens spokesperson for Disability Services Lynn MacLaren MLC said.

“The fact that it took a parliamentary question to establish this highlights the gap between the Government and the people on the ground.

“The Government should have responded immediately, after news coverage last week suggested that WA would withdraw from the National Disability Insurance Scheme because the commonwealth was taking too much control, to ensure the people taking part in the trial were not left in limbo.”

“Whether the Government decides to adopt the NDIS or the State’s alternative NDIS My Way model, it is imperative that those whose lives will be affected by the decision are kept informed.”

“However the scheme is administered in WA, it must not put West Australians at a disadvantage to other people with disabilities in Australia.”